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What is ProDog Nutrition?

ProDog Nutrition was founded by dog lovers. Not only dog lovers but those who really know their stuff.
As dog professionals and performance supplement specialists with over 50 years combined industry experience and knowledge, we were obsessed by the condition of both our own dogs and the dogs that we encountered daily. For us the condition, performance, physique, and health of dogs was paramount. From their muscle mass and definition to the shine of their coat, we sought perfection.
No matter how well a dog is fed, it is almost impossible to cover the complete nutritional spectrum required to attain the ultimate result. With this in mind, our quest began…
We tirelessly researched, formulated, tested and produced four outstanding formulas, each with their own individual objectives and undeniable results. We are now proud and excited to introduce ProDog Nutrition, a world-leading range of elite performance supplements that will deliver all that you and your dog have been waiting for.


Our promise to you

The results speak for themselves, and we are so confident you’ll think the same that we offer a no quibble 30-day money back guarantee on our entire range.

Why Choose Us

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How do I add the supplements to my dogs food?

It couldn’t be easier to get the great benefits of the dog food supplement ProDog for your dog. Follow these 4 easy steps:
  1. Place the normal amount of wet or raw dog food in your pets favourite bowl
  2. Add 1 or 2 scoops of the ProDog Nutrition supplement according to the weight of your dog (full instructions are on the side of the ProDog tub). If you are using more than one ProDog Nutrition supplement, add the second scoop as well
  3. Stir the ingredients together until most of the supplement(s) is dissolved
  4. Feed! And watch your dog wolf down the delicious mixture
It really is that simple. As well as all the benefits for your dogs’ coat, joints, weight and muscle – ProDog’s professionally formulated supplement, to human consumption grade, is formulated to be attractive to dogs – they just love ProDog!

Which supplement is best for my dog?

Many dogs, especially as they get older, suffer from stiff joints as joint cartilage progressively wears away. Though it is much more common in dogs over 7 years of age, young dogs can suffer from stiff joints, as well. Also, certain breeds are more prone to developing stiff joints. These dog breeds include Labrador, Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Rottweilers. Additionally, giant breeds such as Leonbergers, St. Bernards, and Great Danes can grow too quickly and damage their soft bones in the process, leading to joint disease.
ProDog Flexx natural and organic ingredients can help to maintain joint structure and function promoting mobility and flexibility by helping to prevent and ease stiff joints. Flexx aids freedom of movement, regardless of the age of your dog, utilising all natural anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system.
A good all-around, organic, multi-vitamin supplement full of premium grade ingredients that are extremely beneficial to all canines.
ProDog Flexx can be used in combination with ProDog Muscle+, ProDog Maximus and ProDog Revive

After a hard day working or a long walk, during or following an illness, or just needing a little boost – ProDog Revive is the supplement for your dog. Primarily an energy recovery supplement for dogs. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, but highly effective for working dog breeds. ProDog Revive is enjoyed by the “GB Agility Dog Team” to maximise energy levels and performance during training and competition.
Many people take multi-vitamins to boost energy levels or ward of illness. ProDog Revive could be considered a multi-vitamin for dogs. As well as an aid to boost and replenish a dogs energy levels it includes anti-oxidants to increase your dog’s immune system, it also aids protection of your dogs liver and kidneys and against conditions like diarrhoea and bowel disease. Additionally, as a detoxifier, it will aid the prevention of common parasites like fleas, ticks and heartworm.
ProDog Revive can be used in combination with ProDog Muscle+, ProDog Maximus and ProDog Flexx.

An underweight dog is just as an unhealthy situation as an overweight or even obese dog. There are a number of reasons why a dog could be underweight however common causes are lack nutrients in the diet, stress or illness. Due to the variety of causes that can contribute to a dog having difficulty gaining weight, simply feeding them more food will likely not help the situation.
ProDog Muscle+ is a natural and organic weight gain supplement for dogs. It is the highest organic protein-based product available from ProDog Nutrition and is designed specifically as a healthy weight gainer. With 76% organic protein per serving, it builds natural lean muscle in your dog (hence the name “muscle+) and unlike many, if not nearly all, weight gain supplements for dogs available, ProDog Nutritions weight gain supplement has no milk-based proteins whatsoever, which is important for your dog’s digestive system.
ProDog Muscle+ is an advanced and effective supplement where only the highest-quality and human grade ingredients are used.
Prodog Muscle+ can be used in combination with ProDog Flexx and ProDog Revive. Due to the high protein content, it is not advisable to combine with ProDog Maximus

ProDog Maximus is our premium supplement designed for those who take the physique and conditioning of dogs seriously. Maximus is packed with all the essential components a dog needs to attain their optimum physical potential and formulated by experts to help your dog achieve the ultimate in muscle definition, condition, health and vitality
You will see amazing results in your dog, and fast! He or she will be a stronger, healthier animal, achieving the optimum in both performance and physique.
ProDog Maximus can be used in combination with ProDog Flexx and ProDog Revive. Due to the high protein content, it is not advisable to combine with ProDog Muscle+