An exceptional brand offering superior quality, innovative raw food for cutting edge canine nutrition. Expertly formulated and proven by results, if you want the edge for your dog in both physique, health and performance, look no further. You have found the food of the future.

As experts and nutritionists ourselves we have spent years researching and developing the perfect diet for our own dogs.

We began to investigate, and eventually practice, the art of RAW feeding and were delighted with the results. Not only were our dogs better conditioned and full of vitality but their behaviour was different too.

We developed our own RAW range and awareness started to grow from the attention that the excellent condition of our dogs received.

Our quest for perfection has resulted in what we believe to be the best choice for our dogs and of course yours.

We are proud to offer only raw food – nothing added, nothing processed and nothing unnatural – as clean and close to nature as feeding gets!